Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic

it is regretted that this practice is closed

until further notice.

Are you in a quandary about the next steps you might want to take about your future - be this in your personal life, work or career?

Are you a young person or mature adult at a crossroads, and could do with more calm in order to think though your options?

Would you like professional help from an experienced and highly qualified psychologist?

If so, Abel Psychology can help...

Abel Psychology is a private psychological practice in helping people get more out their lives, whether they wish to gain more insight of promote their psychological health, learning, creativity etc. or are experiencing barriers to their general well-being. Young people at the cusp of adulthood and mature adults at certain life/work transitions can also be helped with transitions or indecision about their future, whether this is in the context of self-understanding, learning, career development or relationships.

Abel Psychology is about applying positive psychology, where your strengths and uniqueness are explored to galvanise into a powerful force for positive change.

Abel Psychology is not a tutoring or teaching service, nor is it a career-assessment centre, as there are already a large selection of occupational psychology services offering this. It is about using psychological coaching based on the principles of positive psychology to  help you release your potential for achieving a more fulfilled and happier life, be this in your personal life, work life or relationships.


Aside Notes

Theodora Mead Abel (PhD) (1899 - 1998) was a clinical psychologist and educator noted for her innovative ideas of combining sociology with psychology.  To her the social environment framed in time and space is crucial in finding answers to a client's questions. Since Abel's early pioneering work, several important names in psychology have been associated with the notion of psychology not only as social but also ecological, enriched with philosophical ideas and practices. Later still in the psychology of work and career, such names as Leach, Krumboltz etc emphasise the importance of social context in psychology. 

"Abel" may be derived from the Hebrew "hevel", meaning "breath" as implied in the notion of "life".


Craft (1984) noted that there are two different Latin roots of the English word "education". They are "educare", which means to train or mold, and "educere", meaning to lead out.While the two meanings are quite different, they are both presented in the word "education".

(R.V.  Bass & J.W. Good, J.W., 2004)