(Dr) Peter Farnbank  PsyD, MA(Ed), MSc,  AFBPsS, CPsychol



Chartered Psychologist 

Psychological Coach


Dr Peter Farnbank is an Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society in the Divisions of Educational & Child Psychology and Occupational Psychology. He is an Educational Psychologist and qualified teacher who applies psychology in educational and developmental contexts. He also applies psychology in the practice of coaching, whether this is in general life coaching or more specific areas.

Peter was a clinical hypnotherapist for over 30 years, while also working as an Educational Psychologist. He now specialises in psychological coaching for young people on the often long and uncertain career road in our current very changeable job-markets. He also helps adults who may be thinking of transitions in career and/or retirement.

Peter is also a Member of the  International Society for Coaching Psychology. Coaching psychology is a discipline which looks at developing achievement, performance, creativity and quality of life in individuals or organisations, based on psychological principles which are founded on scientific research. Hypnosis may be used if appropriate, but it would be to enhance the process of coaching.

Currently Peter also works as an Educational Psychologist for some local authority educational institutions as an independent consultant. He continues to adhere to the Nolan Principles in all his undertakings.